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Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are best solved by mediation. The process is confidential and ensures the parties’ reputations are protected, with the possibility of restoring valuable commercial relationships. As the process is confidential and without prejudice, compromises or disclosures made and discussed at mediation cannot be relied upon or referred to in the litigation.

Owning the process and the final agreement, is what makes mediation a more suitable, cost effective and sophisticated process to litigation as parties are more likely to be able to stand over what they have agreed as opposed to adhering to a court imposed order.

What if no agreement can be reached?

If the parties cannot reach agreement at mediation it is frequently reached soon after. Trinity Mediation Services assists in a streamlining of the issues in any subsequent litigation making it a very valuable process.

The costs incurred for engaging  the services of Trinity Mediation are far outweighed by the benefit of identifying the issues between the parties.